Ruth Levy Guyer’s published work is divided below into the following categories: Articles and Essays, Book Chapters and Book Reviews, Personal Essays, Newspaper Commentaries and Analyses, Snapshots of Medicine and Health, and Science Magazine.


|Articles and Essays

"Extending Life's Natural Boundaries: Creating Chaos at the Borders." Society. 2009. 46(3):250-254.

"Reporting the Story," Science Progress, Nov 13, 2007

"Metamorphosis: Beautiful Education to Smarmy Edutainment," American Journal of Bioethics, April 2007, 7(4): 30-31.

Marian Elliot Koshland 1921-1997: A Biographical Memoir, National Academy of Sciences, 2007, 1-25

"Slouching Toward Policy: Lazy Bioethics and the Perils of Science Fiction," American Journal of Bioethics, Winter 2004-2005
(Guyer, R.L. and J.D. Moreno).

"Raising Brian," Washington Post Health Section, September 2, 2003, F1.

"Bioterror," Social Education, 2002 March, 66(2): 80-89
(Guyer, R.L and J.D. Moreno)

"Going Public: Radioactivity and Rights: Clashes at Bikini Atoll," American Journal of Public Health, September 2001, 1371-1376

"Faces of Public Health: Back Packs = Pack Pain." American Journal of Public Health, January 2001 16-19.

"Going Public: Breath of Life." American Journal of Public Health,
June 2000, 874-879

"Trials with Errors: Preserving the Integrity of Clinical Trials," Bioethics Forum, 6(4) Winter 2000, 23-30.

"Bioethics Cases and Issues: Enrichment for Social Science, Humanities, and Science Courses." Social Education. Nov/Dec 2000, 410-414. (Guyer, R.L., Dillon, M.L., Szobota, L., Anderson, L.A.)

"Getting Truly Informed about Clinical Trials," USA Weekend,
March 12, 2000.

"Writing Science to be Read," ASHA Magazine, Summer 1998, 34-37

"When Decisions are Life-and-Death," USA Weekend, February 6-8, 1998.

"A Career in Science: Consider All Options," AWIS Magazine, 1997, 26(3): 6-7, (Guyer, R.L. and L.R. Skirboll).

"Women in Education," Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin, Summer 1995.

"Menopause," Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin, Winter 1995.

|Book Chapters and Book Reviews

Patient, Heal Thyself [Book Review].” American Journal of Bioethics. 2010, 10(3): 75-76.

"Anatomy Without Integrity" in The Anatomy of Body Worlds: Critical Essays on the Plastinated Cadavers of Gunther von Hagens. (A. Rodriguez, J. Starr, T.C. Jespersen, eds.) McFarland: 2008.

"Cerebrally Speaking -- Out of Our Heads: Why You Are Not Your Brain and Other Lessons from the Biology of Consciousness [Book Review]." The Washington Post. 2009. March 22, B7

"Three Generations: No Imbeciles [Book Review]." American Journal of Bioethics. 2009, 9(8): 75-76.

"Physician, Think for Thyself [Book Review]." Wilson Quarterly. Summer 2007, 105-106.

"Obsessive Genius: The Inner World of Marie Curie [Book Review]." Wilson Quarterly. Winter 2005, 120-121.

|Personal Essays: Potomac Review
 (Quarterly Literary Magazine)

Mind's Eye: Phenomena. Summer 2001, 106-108.

Mind's Eye: Evolving Stories. Spring 2001, 108-110.

Mind's Eye: Deep Mysteries. Winter 2000/2001, 106-108.

Mind's Eye: Defining Moments at Bikini. Fall 2000, 102-104.

Mind's Eye: In a Word. Summer 2000, 112-114.

Mind's Eye: Giants in the Earth. Spring 2000, 108-110.

Mind's Eye: Grandma Susie's Turn. Winter 1999/2000, 114-117.

Mind's Eye: Into the Mirror. Fall 1999, 106-108.

Mind's Eye: The Lying Game. Summer 1999, 107-109.

Mind's Eye: Deep Sleep. Spring 1999, 105-107.

The Will to Live. Winter 1998, 80-81.

Addicted to Email. Fall 1998, 22-23.

|Newspaper Commentaries and Analyses: St. Louis Post Dispatch

Nonlethal Weapons Raise Lots of Ethical Questions. July 4, 2004, B8.

Technology is No Substitute for Honoring Dignity of Life.
December 8, 2003, B7.

Human Clones: Where’s the Evidence? January 12, 2003, B5.

Virus’ Spread is Troubling, if not Unexpected. September 22, 2002, B4.

Mild or Monster Epidemic? West Nile Fever. August 29, 2002, D11.

Text Could Be Legacy of Nazis’ Victims. May 5, 2002, B5.

Cloning Pets Satisfies Selfish Human Desires. February 24, 2001, B1.

The Dark Side of a Two-Faced Protein. March 28, 2001, B7.

You Might Be Ready for Another You But the Cloning Process Isn't.
February 4, 2001, B3.

West Nile Virus Threatens to Become Plague of Nation.
January 18, 2001, B7.

Are the Volunteers in Clinical Trials Guinea Pigs or Lucky Ducks?
January 3, 2000, E9.

Kidney Auction on eBay Only Makes the Black Market Bigger.
September 12, 1999, B3.

Science and Politics Need to Stay on Track in Stem Cell Research.
November 22, 1998, B3.

|Snapshots of Medicine and Health on the World  Wide Web, 1995, 1996, 1997

|Science Magazine

This Week in Science, Weekly Feature: 10 May 1985 through
8 November 1991.

The Molecule of the Year: PCR Reaction. 1990, 25:1640-1643.
With D.E. Koshland.

The Molecule of the Year: Diamond Film Technology. 1991, 246:1543-1546. With D.E. Koshland.